Introducing Peluva: Minimalist Footwear Reimagined

Like you, built to rise to any occasion.

Our mission is your personalized, optimized, and simplified health, to get the most out of today while taking care of your body for tomorrow.

We've reimagined minimalist footwear with innovative design that integrates comfort, function, and style - so you can reclaim your natural movement and build a stronger, healthier body with every step.


Letting feet be feet.

Modern footwear can undermine the evolutionary strengths of our amazing feet. Peluvas are designed for the most comfortable and natural movement experience.


Stronger from head to toes.

Moving your best unlocks feeling your best, to help maximize performance, potential, experience, and longevity.


Feet grounded, day elevated.

A new fit for the flow of life, Peluvas are designed to enlighten your natural movement in all of life's moments and transitions.

Designed to build your health from the ground up:

Increase strength & mobility

Activate all of the numerous muscles in the your foot for improved strength through a full range of motion.

Improve balance & stability

A stronger foot can responsively adapt to changing terrain and recruit muscles for stabilization rather than an overbuilt sole.

Enhance flexibility & proprioception

Without the constraints of a narrow toe box, our toes can fully splay and allow natural points of contact and articulation through a full range of motion.

Promote ideal posture & alignment

Neutral foot position keeps the lower body full engaged and the pelvis tucked to prevent anterior tilt, poor mechanics, and postural misalignment.

Injury prevention & recovery

Improving strength, balance, and stability all help fortify the foot against impact forces, mistraining, or overuse injuries.

A Note from our Founders

Finally, design without compromise.

After two years of prototyping, we’ve built our dream shoe. We’re proud to introduce the first minimalist shoe that delivers all three crucial criteria: comfort, function, and style. Our integrative design optimizes your movement to keep it natural, simple, and foundational, to let feet be feet, so you can be the best you.

In good health,

Mark & Kyle Sisson

(Father-Son Co-Founders)

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