Peluva: 40 years in the making

Walking the path to optimal health and fitness

The Peluva® story begins with a pioneering vision to change the way the world walks, and a dream collaboration between Mark Sisson and his son, Kyle Sisson (pictured above.) Through their own deep research and applied knowledge, Mark and Kyle have identified the greatest design challenge facing the minimalist shoe movement and taken it head on. Over the last two and half years, they've charted a course for blue ocean by reimagining the concept of minimalist shoes, with the first-ever design to deliver all three crucial buying criteria: greater comfort, function and style.

However, the real road to Peluva began almost 40 years ago when co-founder Mark Sisson began his transformation from an elite endurance athlete to a world-renowned health and fitness investigator. Since then Mark has been researching and discovering ways in which we can all achieve optimal health and fitness, eventually culminating in a grassroots health movement that has grown to have a global impact. His blog MarksDailyApple, launched in 2006, is widely recognized as a primary source of reliable, well-researched articles on ancestral health. He has written several best-selling books based on the ancestral lifestyle and ketogenic diets. In 2014, he founded Primal Kitchen® foods in order to change the way the world eats. It became the leader in the “better for you” food revolution and continues to grow impressively under the leadership of its co-founder Morgan Zanotti at Kraft Heinz.

During his decades of looking for ways to improve the health of millions – whether through altering the diet, mixing up exercise patterns, changing sleep habits, getting more (not less) sun and developing easier, more delicious ways to eat healthy – Mark has been obsessed with shoes and foot health. He was an early proponent of barefoot living and the minimalist shoe movement. Despite owning hundreds of pairs of minimalist shoes, his disappointment and frustration at the industry’s inability to produce a comfortable, good-looking minimalist shoe led him to create his own. In 2021 he joined forces with his son Kyle to start Peluva, with the sole purpose of creating attractive and comfortable shoes that address the four pillars of the best minimalist shoes: zero drop from heel to toe, increased flexibility, a wide toe box, and thinner soles. The result is the shoes you see here on our site today.

Sisson has always been primarily an educator. For two decades, he has promoted walking as the single best exercise (or form of movement) that anyone can do. The more the better in most cases. These shoes encourage the user to do just that. The time has never been more appropriate for a massive change in how we walk.

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