Why wear minimalist shoes at all?

The main benefit of minimalist shoes is that they keep the foot in a more natural, neutral position. This empowers the foot to more effectively respond to changes in terrain, and it improves strength and flexibility in the small muscles of the feet, including the arches.

Minimalist shoes have been shown to benefit foot health in various ways over the past few decades. Some of these benefits include increased balance, improved posture, and decreased discomfort. The primary features of minimalist shoes:

  • Wide: Toe box wide enough to not scrunch toes together.
  • Flat: Little to no drop from heel to toe
  • Thin: Minimal material between the foot and the ground
  • Flexible: Pliable midsole/outsole

Why wear peluvas?

We have reimagined minimalist footwear to provide greater comfort, function and style.

  • Wide: Our individual toe boxes allow toes to splay fully and optimally
  • Flat: Our Zero Drop platform accomodates your natural weight distribution on hard surfaces
  • Thin: Our special lower durometer EVA midsoles help soften hard, unnatural surfaces
  • Flexible: Our glove-like fit allows a full range of toe articulation, with the entire outsole only placed at strategic wear points

What about style?

Historically, minimalist shoes have been difficult to style in every setting. We have merged the best elements of functional minimalist footwear with fashionable modern design. To the casual observer, on the outside they look like popular stylish athleisure shoes.

The Problem with Most Shoes

Modern footwear is bad for feet. Almost all conventional shoes are too cramped, too thick, too cushioned and/or too elevated in the heel. Most dress shoes are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. In the name of “cushioning” and “support” even athleisure shoes can encourage the primary structural components of the feet (small bones, cartilage and tendons) to become misshapen and many of the muscles of the feet (including the arch) to atrophy. The effects can range from minor foot pain to bunions, Achilles’ tendon tightening, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain and much more. Flip-flops don’t help at all. Popular minimalist footwear can help alleviate some of these mechanical issues, but the products offered are typically very unappealing in their styles, certainly when it comes to more formal and/or athleisure dress.

Our Solution: A peluva for every occasion

300 Series

Ideally, we would do most - or all - of our walking and light training on grass, in fields, on dirt paths and in the forest – on varied terrain. And, preferably, we would do it barefoot. Unfortunately, most of us live in urban areas and our walking is confined to concrete and pavement – unvaried, flat, hard terrain. Recognizing that, we do need a tiny bit more padding underneath our feet if we are to comfortably navigate urban landscapes. The 300 series offers a mid-range (mid-thickness) shoe that has a slightly thinner sole than the 500 series to allow for putting in miles while doing errands or just walking longer distances on pavement. The EVA layer provides just enough cushion for walking on pavement and concrete, yet still allows for that important haptic sensory input that allows your foot muscles to strengthen as your feel the terrain changes underfoot. The 300 designs are a bit “sportier.” You might wear these at times you would otherwise choose to wear tennis or running shoes. In the 300 Series, you can find the Strand and the Desert Boot.

500 Series

The 500 series is our line of casual dress shoes you will want to wear all day long in pure comfort and style. The least minimal of our three lines (meaning it has the most substantial platform), the 500 still offers sumptuous toe splay and Zero Drop. These shoes are designed for longer periods of you being on your feet, standing still or walking around a bit, appearing fashionable in the workplace or at events, and ultimately, are a great first step toward more minimalist footwear for those people who have not had great luck adopting to minimal shoes in the past. The soles of the 500 series are slightly thicker, yet they are still flexible enough to allow your feet to feel and adjust to the terrain changes underneath. As with all minimalist shoes, there is no arch support by design. These are the most comfortable “dress” shoes you can imagine. In the 500 Series, you can find the Miami and the Napa.