Designed to enhance the your connection to the outdoors while providing exceptional comfort and performance.


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Peluva welcomes runners and sprinters to sync with nature's pace, offering assurance and ease. Whether racing through challenging terrains or pounding urban pavements, Peluva footwear is crafted to bolster each stride, enabling athletes to embrace the outdoor experience with fervor and determination.


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Men's Miami

"These are the best! I've been wearing them since last year and have multiple pairs now.

These helped with more than just foot comfort and toe correction... helped with knee, hip, and lower back pain!

My body endured a long, intense athletic career. Now, at 53, I finally have shoes that fit and allow natural movement while being protective enough for my sensitive soles!"

-Mark F.

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Woman in Adidas attire jogging on a path with trees in the background.

Woman's Strand Lightweight Trainer

"Every time I do intervals outside, I wear my Peluvas toe shoes. I love a barefoot feel, as well as maximizing my ability to have the best form I can. These shoes are thin enough to feel the ground beneath your feet, but this enough to protect you from harming your soles when running on asphalt for example.

-Nikki F.

Men's Strand Lightweight Trainer

Peluvas offer enough support for walking, running, sprinting, and lifting. It allows my foot to experience the stimulus of the ground - without any of the pain of stepping on rocks or twigs. Best of all, it’s shaped like an actual foot, not like the modern narrow shoes of today that squish your toes together.

-Mark Bell

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Worn in the WILD

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5 Reasons why you need Peluvas
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Peluvas are designed to fit most feet and accommodate each individual toe. Here are our favorite tips to determine your size:

  • In general, we recommend 1/2 size larger than your normal running shoe.

  • To calibrate your ideal fit, we recommend you use Fit Finder tool below and free sizing chart


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