Find your perfect fit

Getting the perfect fit ensures you get all the benefits of your Peluvas

Find your fit

The shoes your feet have been dreaming of

It all starts with the toes

Peluvas are the first truly foot-shaped shoe design to deliver performance for life: your most natural movement, in optimal comfort, with modern style for any occasion.

Five-toe, glove-fit for natural movement & mobility

Zero-drop for stability and alignment

Light, responsive flex for comfort & support

Reinforced outsole for all-terrain traction & protection

Finding the right size

Peluvas are designed to fit most feet and accommodate each individual toe. Here are our favorite tips to determine your size:

In general, we recommend 1/2 size larger than your normal running shoe.

Toes come in all shapes and sizes! It is not necessary for every toe to extend to end of each toe box.

To calibrate your ideal fit, we recommend you use Fit Finder tool below and free sizing chart

Take your time fitting

Most people have never worn minimalist shoes before, so fitting your toes into each compartment might take some practice.

It may be challenging at first because your feet have likely compressed over time, an indication you need Peluvas!

Individual toe-boxes may feel unusual to some, but after a few minutes of toe freedom you'll rejoice in new-found comfort

When sliding them on, try wearing our five-toed socks, and start with your big toe first while 'crawling' the others forward

Ease-in & enjoy!

Once you get used to your Peluvas, you can gradually progress as your body allows and begin to feel all the benefits:

Reduced joint pressure & pain

Increased mobility and stability

Improved alignment & posture

Ready to unlock your best?

Grab a copy of our comprehensive guide to foot health, Peluva Promise, and get founder Mark Sisson's exclusive tips on:

How to build strong, resilient feet - just by walking!

How to connect, move, and feel your best at any age or fitness level

How natural toe movement is the key to ultimate comfort & performance

How prevent injury & resolve pain amidst all of your day's demands