Relax, Realign, Strengthen

After two years of prototyping, we’ve built our dream shoe. We’re proud to introduce the first minimalist shoe that delivers all three crucial criteria: comfort, function, and style. Our integrative design optimizes your movement to keep it natural, simple, and foundational, to let feet be feet, so you can be the best you.

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"When I got my first pair of Peluvas I never really took them off! After I spent a week avoiding all other shoes I realized there was no reason to keep the old shoes around anymore. I can’t imagine wearing anything else."

@David Thurin #movementbydavid

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Why Peluva?

Increased Balance

Zero drop

More touchpoints to the ground



"This is my third pair of the Strand, and it's by far the best barefoot shoe there is. I also have the Napas, but the Strand is my favorite. Walking in them becomes addictive, and exercising in them is invigorating. It's like a switch is turned on, and it synergizes the mind-body connection."

- William Byrd

Be Comfortable

Just enough cushioning

Flexible design

Wide toe box

Fits like a glove

"Dream Shoes!

I absolutely adore these shoes. I have Multiple sclerosis and my toes fold in on each other because of it. These shoes are an absolute dream. They separate my toes. They make it easier for me to walk. They are just all around the best shoes I have ever had! I have recommended then to all my friends and family."

- Nikki F.

Build (Foot)Strength

Stimulates muscles engagement

Improved proprioception


"Just ordered my second pair. Strengthens your feet while giving you protection from the outside elements."

- Rey R.

Get Sensory Feedback

Feel the ground while being comfortable


"Am enjoying my Peluva Strand Lightweight Trainers! I work out in these shoes and hike in them and have no problem with knee pain or general pain. Had a leg day yesterday and the soreness is minimal. I think I may need to get another pair - one for each activity! Thank you for a perfect fit too! Highly recommend to anyone"

- Barbara C.

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